Ballet for all Kids, a 501(c)(3), is the only studio in the country perhaps the world that offers classical ballet training to ALL children regardless of their abilities or disabilities. 

We are open to the general public and all children are welcome to come dance with us! We are the original Ballet Therapy – proven successful in teaching children within the Autism Spectrum, children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, children with Anxiety Disorders, Behavioral issues, ADHD, blind, deaf, and children who are non- ambulatory as well as typical children who would like a fun and relaxed way to learn ballet.
Our Program teaches classical ballet using The Schlachte Method — a method developed to assist ALL children to learn the technique and discipline of ballet.

Every child has abilities that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills and enhance each child’s personal sense of accomplishment. To this end, The Schlachte Method uses a wide variety of teaching methods to accommodate all styles of learning including: visual learning, auditory learning, vestibular learning, and emotional intelligence.

Ballet For All Kids
enables ALL children to dance. Many children cannot succeed in a traditional ballet class setting and thus are excluded from all the benefits that ballet classes can bring – self-confidence, friendships, self-discipline, and the joy of movement.  Ballet For All Kids welcomes everyone to experience the joy of dance!
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