The Schlachte Method Certification is the only program in the world that teachers ballet instructors how to effectively reach children with special needs and give them the full benefits of a classical ballet education. The Schlachte Method is designed to utilize each child’s strengths and use those strengths as a springboard for learning ballet technique. Our Method is proven successful in teaching children within the Autism Spectrum, children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, children with Anxiety Disorders, Behavioral issues, ADHD, blind, deaf, and children who are non-ambulatory as well as neuro-typical children.
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Application Process
All applicants must have at least three years of experience teaching classical ballet. All applicants must be proficient in classical ballet terminology and technique. Must have a desire to work with children with special needs and have a full understanding that you will be teaching children with behavioral, sensory, and motor issues. Once certified, it is expected that all children will be able to participate in the ballet classes and all accommodations will be made to meet this expectation.

Please contact us for an application:
or 805-524-5503
Introduction to the Schlachte Method Seminar
This seminar is the first step in the process of certification. The seminar gives a complete overview of the Schlachte Method as well as a starting point of how to start teaching and supporting classes for children with special needs. We offer these initial seminars twice a year (January and July) and they are held in the greater Los Angeles area. For all information regarding certification click HERE.